Rospatent: Trends, goals, tools



Григорий Петрович Ивлиев
Grigory Ivliev
Director General, Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent)



While speaking at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Loren Graham, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, noted the outstanding level of Russian inventors. However, he added that we do not know how to make money on our inventions, to extract economic benefits from our intellectual products. In his opinion, we have not yet learned how to turn invention into innovation. He also joked that we want milk without a cow, implying that milk is the benefit, and the cow is the intellectual property system. It is only possible to start this process of implementing inventions, of transforming ingenious, creative ideas into mass products on the basis of a patent while using the advantages of the institute of intellectual property!



Rospatent is an open Office. According to the priority designated by Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, at the plenary meeting of the “Delovaya Rossiya” Forum on strengthening legal protection of intellectual property and creation of attractive conditions for registration of patents, the main mission of our activity is your convenience. That is why, while maintaining a high level of examination, we on an annual basis reduce the time frame for examination of applications, support those who use intellectual property in their work. We implement new convenient digital services, which you read about in this booklet, we offer analytical products that help determine technological priorities, investment directions and patent protection strategies. We promote initiatives at international platforms that will help Russian inventors and businessmen to enter global markets.



We, as an Office, are interested in receiving every year as many applications as possible from scientists, inventors, research teams, universities, research groups. We need applications for trademark registration from business, applications for registration of AOs and geographical indications from regions, we need applications for other objects of industrial property. It is the intangible assets, including intellectual property, that today constitute a large part of capitalization of any technological business.

We hope this booklet will become your first guide in the world of intellectual property. We are sure you will find a lot of useful information on its pages. Information that will help turn your idea into a product, that will help you make money and change the lives of many people, the life of our country for the better.


Director General,
Federal Service for Intellectual Property
Grigory Ivliev


Rospatent: Trends, goals, tools

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