The procedure for organizing a videoconference in the Chamber of Patent Disputes


1. The organization of videoconferencing in the conduct of board meetings is carried out by authorized officials of the branch "Chamber of Patent Disputes" FIPS (hereinafter - Authorized Persons).

2. An application for participation in a collegium meeting with the use of videoconferencing (hereinafter referred to as the "Application") shall be submitted by the party to the dispute at the same time as the objection / application or after submission of the objection / application, but not less than 15 working days before the date of the board meeting, to the e-mail address vks. pps@rupto.ru, by post or via the correspondence window.

3. The application must include:

- Name (name) of the party to the dispute and its representative, if the party to the dispute participates in the meeting in the person of the representative (hereinafter - the participant of the videoconference);

- e-mail address of the videoconference participant;

- contact telephones (including mobile phones) of the videoconferencing participant;

- number of the application / object (certificate / patent);

- request for participation in the meeting using videoconferencing;

- Name, title (if any) and the transcript of the signature of the person applying.

A petition of the videoconference participant or a copy thereof is attached to the Application. At the same time, the original power of attorney must be submitted before the board meeting.

4. The authorized person shall examine the Application and notify the person applying for the results of its consideration.

The applicant is notified of the results of the application at the same time as the notice of the date and time of the board meeting, and if the Application was received after the notification was sent - within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the Application.

5. If the Application is satisfied, the Authorized Person shall promptly send in electronic form the Petition and the Power of Attorney to the Technical Service. After receiving the documents from the Authorized Person, the employees of the technical service not later than 15 days before the meeting of the collegium send the instruction to the participant of the videoconference on setting up the workplace and report the date of testing, which is carried out jointly with the participant of the videoconference.

6. If, based on the test results, the lack of a technical possibility of using videoconferencing by the videoconference participant is revealed, the technical service immediately notifies the Authorized Person about the impossibility of holding a board meeting using videoconferencing.

7. In case of a positive test result, the technical service sends an Internet link via videoconference to the videoconference participant by e-mail no later than 2 working days before the date of the board meeting and immediately notifies the Authorized Person about full readiness for the videoconference session.



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