Rospatent announced Top 100 inventions of the year



Rospatent summed up the analysis of all patents granted in 2018 and published the list of “Top 100 inventions of 2018”. According to Rospatent Public Relations Center, most of the patents included in the list cover areas and directions that are among the priorities defined by the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation and by the May Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Among those included in the Top 100 are a patent for a globally unique technology of electrochemical processing of gold-bearing alloy; a patent for a method to preserve organs for transplantation; a patent for a new digital device for forecasting and working with big data (BigData), etc. The list “Top 100 inventions” is published on the website of the Office, indicating the authors, patentholders, patent and patent application numbers, and the contacts of the patentholders or their representatives.



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