Bill on 3D-models and electronic patents has been introduced to the State Duma



The bill of a new Federal Law "On Amendments to Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation" has been introduced to the State Duma and then will be considered during the autumn session of the Russian parliament, which will begin on September 10.

"In order to improve the system of state registration of objects for IPR protection in the Russian Federation, including decreasing the time necessary for examination and improvement of its quality, it is proposed within the bill to amend Articles 1375, 1376, 1377 and 1492 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and to provide applicants with an option to attach to their application three-dimensional models of the claimed objects for IPR protection (inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks) in electronic form", - says the reference note.

According to the authors of the document, such approach provides an opportunity to additionally submit application materials accompanied with 3D models for its visual representation that will allow using comparison algorithms during the examination process as well as providing the possibility to conduct a search for similar objects or their visual representations.

“Rospatent's technical capabilities allow us to immediately implement the provisions of the bill. We are absolutely ready to grant e-patents digitally, and the 3D model comparison system is already being tested in 10 engineering centers.” – says Grigory Ivliev, the Head of Rospatent, commenting on the draft law prepared with the active engagement of Rospatent. – “We hope that the State Duma will understand the need for amendments to the Civil Code due to the upcoming digital era. Therefore, we expect that the document will be promptly considered and adopted by Members of Parliament after their return from vacations.”


See the published text:

The government introduced to the State Duma a bill on the right to obtain patents in electronic form // TASS.- 2019.- August 12.- Access mode: https://tass.ru/ekonomika/6756867



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