Russian people began to file more international patent applications


According to Rospatent, the number of applications submitted by Russians for industrial designs under the Hague system of international registration in October 2019 increased by 250% compared to the same period last year. Such high growth rates of filing applications in the Office are explained by the entry into force of the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement in February 2018.

The Office notes the growth of applications for other intellectual property, which Russians want to register in foreign markets using international registration systems. According to Rospatent, the growth of applications for registration of trademarks under the Madrid Agreement amounted to almost 16% and the total growth of patent applications for the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system exceeded 16%. The Patent Office continues to improve the examination procedure of Russian applications and reduce the time for consideration.

The time for consideration of applications has been reduced: for inventions - by 29%, for utility models - by 51.5%, for industrial designs - by 20%, for trademarks - by 21.5%, for computer programs - by 68.5%.



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