Results Rospatent’s work in July 2019: it is possible to register a trademark in less than half a year


The average examination period of a trademark application in July 2019 was reduced to a psychologically important minimum. After the first seven months, the average trademark examination term under the national procedure reached 5.78 months, although at the beginning of the second quarter it exceeded six months. Rospatent withstood the trend of shortening the examination period of all objects for IPR protection while maintaining the quality of examination.

The examination period of all objects for IPR protection has been reduced. Thus, applications for registration of computer programs or integrated circuits topologies are now examined at Rospatent for a little more than two weeks (0.45 months) - this is three times less than last year; applications for registration of utility models (UM) - a little more than a month and a half. Only a year ago, this period was more than three months, i.e. it was twice as long. The time limits for examination of design applications have been reduced to 4.5 months, and for the most complex object - inventions - the average period in July 2019 was only 6.14 months.

The Office also recorded an active growth of applications for registration of appellations of origin (AOs) and trademarks (TM). Compared to the same period of the last year, the number of applications for AOs increased by 80%, and the number of applications for trademarks from the Russian applicants increased by more than 19%. The increase in the number of applications for AOs was influenced by the instruction made by Valentina Matvienko, the Chairman of the Federation Council, to regional senators, and the increase in the number of TMs can be explained by the growing activity on the Russian market of goods and services. In 7 months of 2019, the number of registered TMs was 24% higher than in the same period of 2018, and the increase in the number of granted certificates of exclusive rights (in fact, registrations of AOs) amounted to almost 180%.

At the same time, Rospatent increased or maintained at the same level the number of examinations for all objects of intellectual property, except for UMs. The Office examined 2% more applications for registration of TMs as compared to the same period of the last year, 12% more applications for registration of computer programs, DBs and integrated circuit topologies, the number of examinations of applications for registration of inventions and IDs remained at approximately the same level as last year. AOs have become real "champion" in the number of examinations, which increased by almost 120%, was, as well as with filing of applications. Grigory Ivliev, Head of Rospatent:

The active position of the legislative authority and wide public debate on regional brands have played a significant role in the interest to AO registration. The constituent subjects of the Russian Federation assessed the opportunities for growth of the regional economy, provided by competent legal protection and use of IP. The joint work of the Office, federal authorities, the legislative authority, regional administrations and local businesses has led to a real breakthrough. It would be desirable that in respect of other IP objects, primarily inventions, an equally effective work on stimulating active filing of applications will be organized. I am sure that in this case the result will be more notable. This will strengthen Russia's position as a technology leader, ensure the introduction of innovations, and become the basis for improving the quality of life.



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