WIPO Director General Francis Gurry met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev

Francis Gurry: Russia is developing in leaps and bounds. National projects – Russia’s future

Photo: Press Service of the Government of Russia

WIPO Director General noted Russia’s technological achievements as well as recent initiatives in the area of intellectual property (IP) protection: Russia is indeed moving in leaps and bounds, especially in the field of technology, or more precisely, high technology. Skolkovo is the most vivid example of this development. We see a manifold increase of Russia’s potential when it comes to emerging technologies and new initiatives regarding the intellectual property protection, which, of course, is beneficial for a wide range of industries.

According to Dmitry Medvedev, “Over the past few years, positive changes have taken place in Russia in the field of intellectual property, because of our efforts at WIPO. A WIPO office at Skolkovo innovations center has opened and is functioning well, offering additional opportunities to all those who are interested in protecting their intellectual rights.”

Prime Minister noted that these positive changes in the IP field “is the result of our interaction with WIPO” and that “we are delighted that we are being actively involved in the various processes that are ongoing at the organization.”

Dmitry Medvedev underlined his continuous support for WIPO, saying that Russia is committed to continuing its strong engagement in the Organization



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