Component 2. Development of Examination Guidelines


Development of Examination Guidelines


The introduction of new legislation sets new challenges to those applying the law. This is particularly so in the highly technical field of patents, a sphere which is regularly confronted with new areas of science that do not always fit into the mould set by legislation, and for which guiding documentation is important.

Under this component Rospatent and EPO experts aim to develop common documentation - Guidelines - giving guidance on the interpretation and application of legislation to patent examination. These guidelines will enhance internal harmonisation at Rospatent, and support Rospatent and its subordinate bodies in training and teaching aspects. The documentation will also be useful to patent practitioners, as well as generally serving to increase awareness and transparency of the examination procedure.


  • February 24-26, 2010   - First meeting of Guidelines drafting team
  • August 3-5, 2010 - Second meeting of Guidelines drafting team
  • October 5-6, 2010 – Third meeting of Guidelines drafting team


  • Руководство по экспертизе заявок на изобретения
    • Введение(PDF - 150 Kb)
    • Часть первая - «Руководство по проведению формальной экспертизы заявок на изобретения» (PDF - 210 Kb)
    • Часть вторая - «Руководство по проведению информационного поиска» (PDF - 370 Kb)
    • Часть третья - «Руководство по проведению экспертизы по существу заявок на изобретения» (PDF – 1,2 Mb)
    • Часть четвертая - «Руководство по составлению рефератов к заявкам на выдачу патента на изобретение» (PDF - 200 Kb)


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