Approximation of EU and Russian Federation Intellectual Property Right aspects


The EU – Russia project “Approximation of EU and Russian Federation Intellectual Property Right aspects” was launched in September 2009 and is implemented by the European Patent Office.


The main objective of the project, which will run in the next 12 months, is to examine the current Russian patent legislation and make recommendations on how to converge it with the European legislation as well as to develop patent guidelines that can be used by patent examiners at Rospatent. The project will also seek to streamline Russia’s patent application, registration and processing procedure to approximate them to the EU approach and facilitate the teaching of Intellectual Property economics in Russia. Moreover, the experts of the project will address the Russian system of granting supplementary protection for pharmaceuticals in the light of the current European administrative and judicial practice. This project is implemented under the Common Spaces Facility which is intended to facilitate dialogue in the framework of the four EU- Russian Common Spaces.


The project is designed to be of immediate and direct benefit to Rospatent, FIPS and RGIIS staff and of indirect benefit to patent applicants/ technology based companies and attorneys, and RGIIS students. In the longer term the project will be of benefit to Russian and European users of the patent system in Russia, and patent based commerce and trade within Russia and between Russia and Europe.


Project Partners:

The European Patent Office, with headquarters at:
Erhardtstrasse 27,
80331 Munich,
The Federal Service for Intellectual Property,
Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent), based at:
Berezhkovskaya nab. 30-1,
Moscow, G-59, GSP-3, 125993,
Russian Federation
The Delegation of the European Commission to Russia, at:
Kadashevshkaya 14/1
Moscow 119017,
Russian Federation

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